The Bands

Kentucky Five

Lucas Ukulele Trio and Novelty Quartet

Vernon Country Club Orchestra

Russo-Fiorito Orchestra

ARC - Brunswick Studio Orchestra

Crooning Troubadours

Victor Young Orchestra


Jimmy Diamond Orchestra

Decca Studio Orchestra

Maxwell Davis Orchestra

Lawrence Welk Orchestra

Sam Lanin Orchestra

The Nick Lucas Musician's Guild

Members of this guild are musicians and bands associated with Nick Lucas at one time in their careers.

The Musicians

Scott Seely - Piano

Sammy Stept - Piano / Celeste

Frank Lucanese - Accordion / Ukulele

Thurman Teague
- Acoustic Bass

David Rubinoff - Violin

Bill Wiges - Piano

Roy Fox - Trumpet

Charlie Lees - Vibes

 Reg Lewis - Piano

Reg Robinson - Bass

Jack Purvis - Trumpet

Dick Freeman - Drums

Tommy Dorsey - Trombone

Charlie Fields - Guitar

Gary Williams - Guitar

Phil Boutelje - Piano

Blance Merrill- Piano

Joe Jigg
- Drums

Mose Mann
- Violin

Ted Fiorito
- Piano

Mel Obsen - Drums

Joe Bernas - Bass

Clark Keen - Piano

Robert Armstrong - (probably) Piano

Vincent Terri - (probably) Rhythm Guitar / Bass

Clifford Eils - (probably) Bass

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