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Q: What is the value and/or history of my Nick Lucas guitar(s)?

A: We can't answer questions, give out opinions, advice or history of your guitar or what it is worth. To help answer general questions about a vintage Nick Lucas Gibson go here:
Gibson Nick Lucas Special

Q: Why haven’t you answered my email?

A: We try to respond to every email. If you have a question it may involve research on our part for us to answer you and that could take some time. If your question concerns the value of something we will not respond.

Q: What is the value of vintage Nick Lucas: phonographs, 78s, 45rpms, Lps, records, guitars, guitar picks, autographs, books, photographs, letters, contracts, documents, signed bank checks, etc...

A: This is one question that we receive more than any other, concerning the value of Nick Lucas
memorabilia. If you have any Nick Lucas memorabilia that you are selling we may be interested in buying it if we do not have it in our collection. Although we do collect such material, we are not appraisers and cannot give anyone information on the value of such memorabilia. We simply can not answer general questions and can not give out opinions, advice, and what stuff is worth. Please consult auction or rare product collector sites.

Q: Do you know the true history of that black Gibson that Nick Lucas used to play? Where is it now?

Nick Lucas played several of the Lucas model guitars.
He has been pictured with an early Lucas model with banjo style tuners. (Something Martin did later with their OM line) Nick is also pictured with
other Gibson models including a
J-160E, a Martin 000-45, a Galliano an Orpheum signature archtop
and other flattop and archtop guitars. 

The one Gibson made for him in the mid-to-late 20s, and the one he used all the time went to his youngest brother, Anthony. Nick also kept a backup guitar in case a string would break during a performance. One went into a display of Nick's memorbilia at the theatre he often played at in Santa Monica in his last years.

Q: How did you come into possession of all the masters Nick Lucas recorded for Accent Records? 

Scott Seely, (owner and originator of Accent Records) and Melody Man Records made a deal in early 2003. We now own and control all of the original masters Nick Lucas recorded for the Accent label from 1955-1980. Technically Nick recorded for the label from 1955 - 1974, as his last release on the label was in 1974 - 'Silver Sails' - backed with Tip-toe Through the Tulips on the flip side. In the mid-1970's and later in 1980 Nick recorded some tunes in Scott's studio that were never released on Accent and we have all of those masters too. Nick Lucas recorded for Accent longer than he did for any other record company he was associated with, and he also said the recordings he did with Accent were among the finest and most satisfying of his career..

Q: How can I get a copy of the unrelased recordings Nick Lucas did for Accent Records? When will they be released?

A: We have two releases out now, the
Nick Lucas - Souvenir Album.
Nick Lucas - First and Last Accents, which includes previously unreleased material.
Both include excellent notes by Michael R. Pitts,(writer, historian and personal friend of Nick Lucas), nice artwork and first class packaging.

Other releases are in the making.

Q: Why don't you have a guestbook?

 A: If you have anything to say to us you can drop us an e-mail by clicking on the contact us buttons on either site.

Q: How can I purchase a CD?

A: Follow this link for available CDs and information on how to get them.

Nick Lucas' Available CDs


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