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Quite simply, our loose leaf tea is the world’s finest whether in its purest form or in our flavor blended recipes.  At Carriage House Tea, we pride ourselves on fusing old world charm with modern day selections.  Our tea is small batch blended and completely hand packed, labeled and sealed by professionals who truly care about what they are doing

New York String Service was founded by Steve Uhrik in 1983. Since then, have been serving musicians and collectors both locally and worldwide from their shop in downtown Brooklyn, NY. Please visit thier sites,  and their companion site featuring an extremely diverse selection of antique instruments, memorabilia, photos and esoterica relating to the musical experience.

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Nick Lucas memorabilia Ebay Find Nick Lucas memorabilia on Ebay.

Dave Bradford has created a wonderful site on 19th Century American Guitarists.
19th Century Guitar

Accent Records
Nick Lucas recorded for Accent from 1955-1980. Accent Records was based in Hollywood, California. Many great artists were recorded under the direction of the owner of Accent Records, Scott Seely.

Classic Jazz Guitar Mike Kremer has done a great job with his site on classic jazz guitarists from the 1920's through the 1950's.
This site is devoted to vintage music from the early decades of the 20th Century.

Gibson in 1924, was looking for an endorsement by a well-known star to push an expensive guitar. Nick Lucas, who had the first guitar instrumental hit record in 1922, was an obvious choice, since he was already playing a Gibson L-5.

Global Recording Artists
Global recording artists, headed by Karl Anderson, is dedicated to bringing you great music and video. Check in often to see their growing lineup of talent, past and present.

Lee Morse was one of the most popular female recording artists during the Jazz Age 1920s and 30s. This site, created by Ian House, is dedicated to the life and career of this unique and irreplaceable talent.

Robert Perkins and Alton Elliott, are traditionalists in the country and early American music styles. They are also the owners of Melody Man Records, The Original Formula Music Company, and new owners of all the original Nick Lucas Accent masters which were recorded between 1955 and 1980. You are invited to visit the Original Formula website.

Tiny Tim

"You know ladies and gentlemen, no matter where I go people will always stop and ask me how well I know Tiny Tim. Well, I know Tiny Tim and I found him to be a wonderful person."
Nick Lucas

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